29 03, 2011

Early Spring Snow


I've seen it before and I know I'll see it again (and given this Winter's and early Spring's history, we may see it again this year...Easter is very late, after all).  On Sunday, the 27th of March, we had a dusting of snow over everything when I opened the shutters for the day. Yes, there is a soft beauty to a dusting of [...]

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24 03, 2011

Cold Nights Ahead


There is a good possibility of some cold nights ahead here in the Washington, DC, area. This is not uncommon at this time of year when we are teetering between warmth one day and cold the next. The early warmth a few days ago brought out new growth on many plants. Most plants that bloom early can handle some cold, with the exception of the blooms on deciduous Magnolias. [...]

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