30 11, 2011

Life of Flowers


Meteorological Winter begins tomorrow, December 1st.  The leaves have completely fallen off the trees in my garden and I see a stark and barren landscape when I look out the windows. Yet, before we know it, Spring will be here again.  Here's a video to remind us. Life of Flowers Hat tip to Betty Jackson Truax

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17 11, 2011

Music to My Eyes


Yep, my eyes.  Can you see the Sweet Music?  A magnificent Fall this year. Photos by the author.  If you copy, please link back.

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6 11, 2011

Finally: Indian Summer


I've always been taught that Indian Summer isn't official until there has been a frost.  Technically, my garden has not seen a frost, but since so many others in the D.C. area have seen it, I'm going to go out on a limb and call it "Indian Summer" here in my garden.  And a glorious day it was, here in the beautiful Mid-Atlantic.  I spent the afternoon working on [...]

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