Bring in Some Branches

When I got home from Wilmington a couple of weeks ago for the spring season, one of the first things I did was cut an armful of dormant forsythia branches. I have a wonderful Blenko Glass vase that some friends gave me–heavy, solid and perfect for holding floppy branches. I re-cut the branches and put them in deep, warm water. They started to bloom this week. When I cut them, it was still snowy and quasi-wintry…now, it really is feeling like spring. No matter. The forsythia blossoms laugh away on my kitchen table, the color of summer sunlight.

You can cut and force lots of different spring-flowering shrubs and trees into bloom, you know. In addition to forsythia, I’ve done spirea, viburnum, flowering almond, cherries, plums, pears (but the pears are a bit stinky, I’m just sayin’)…almost all the deciduous, spring bloomers can be forced.

Re-cut them before sticking them in deep water and enjoy. I do it every year.

Forced forsythia in my kitchen

Forced forsythia in my kitchen

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This post was written by Jeff Minnich on March 14, 2010

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