A Moss Garden in Richmond, VA

In my last post, I wrote about moss paths.  I mentioned visiting a moss garden in Richmond, VA.  This evening, I was looking at past episodes of ‘A Gardener’s Diary’, hosted by Erica Glasener.

Mossy pathways at Woodland Cottage

Mossy pathways at Woodland Cottage

[A little aside here…this has always been my favorite garden show.  It used to be on HgTV (yes, big ‘H’, little ‘g’–they’ve let us gardeners down) at 7am Eastern, and I was up and on my stationary bike every morning at that time, ready to watch.  What a shame they took it off the air.  They need to put it back on!]

Anyway, the episode, ‘Mad About Moss’, is on Hulu.com currently, and Erica is touring the same Richmond garden I toured so many years ago, with the owner–but hurry, they will not be posted for long.  Here’s the link to the show.  Enjoy!  http://www.hulu.com/watch/315467

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