18 10, 2015

FREEZE WARNING Tonight for the D.C. Area


Take photos of your favorite plant combinations, before the frost, so you can repeat them next year. Here, we have variegated spider plants, purple heart, and sprengeri asparagus fern, all tender to frosts and freezes. Right on time, the first freeze of the season is due in the D.C. area tonight. Not all areas will see a freeze (or even a frost), but it's time to prepare, just the [...]

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2 05, 2013

Spring 2013 Newletter


My Spring 2013 newsletter is now up on my website.  Enjoy! Here's my garden right now--full, glorious Spring.  The azaleas will be at peak this weekend.      

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15 05, 2012

Rain Days–Some Garden Potpourri


Lover of sunshine that I am, it sure was nice to get a couple of true rain days.  My little world here at Woodland Cottage is washed fresh and clean.  It's sparkling in the intermittent sunshine this morning after heavy rain overnight.  This is rain day #2.  I'm getting lots accomplished.  I realized yesterday that it was the first rain day we've had this long Spring that [...]

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3 07, 2011

Summer Pleasures


Hot, dry, cooler, wet, very humid, a little fresher, pollution, not, up, down. Summer is here! My favorite season. After work, I piddle around the garden at Woodland Cottage--weeding, trimming, potting, planting. I'm just about finished planting all my pots for the season. I repotted all my big houseplants last month into larger, poly pots that look just like terra cotta, though they are about a tenth [...]

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