29 01, 2013

Imagining Spring


Now that we're about at the halfway point of Winter, I start to imagine Springtime.  The days are just starting to lengthen, and the sun is just beginning to feel a bit stronger.  By Valentine's Day, the sun begins to heat up the car again. I've been AWOL for awhile, so may I wish you a Happy New Year, belatedly.  My desktop computer is on its last leg (a [...]

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28 01, 2012

It’s a Japonica Kind of Day


Japonica.  Camellia.  Some say it like this:  Kuh-MAYL-yuh.  Here in the South, "Japonica" is a catch-all term for so many plants:  Winter/Spring-blooming Camellias, Pieris...any plant whose species name is japonica is fair game down here.  Whatever you call them, they're all the same and they're all Camellias. I just took a turn around my woodland garden, and the early Camellia japonicas are blooming away.  Of the varieties I have, [...]

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14 03, 2010

Bring in Some Branches


When I got home from Wilmington a couple of weeks ago for the spring season, one of the first things I did was cut an armful of dormant forsythia branches. I have a wonderful Blenko Glass vase that some friends gave me--heavy, solid and perfect for holding floppy branches. I re-cut the branches and put them in deep, warm water. They started to bloom this week. When I cut [...]

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