23 11, 2016

Holiday 2016 Newsletter


  And here we are again—the holidays have begun! Here is a link to my Holiday 2016 Newsletter, full of reminiscences, news of this years trips, and garden advice. Enjoy--and Happy Holidays!

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28 11, 2015

Holiday 2015 Newsletter


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! Here is a link to my Holiday 2015 Newsletter, full of garden tips and information on our travels this year. Enjoy!

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29 01, 2013

Imagining Spring


Now that we're about at the halfway point of Winter, I start to imagine Springtime.  The days are just starting to lengthen, and the sun is just beginning to feel a bit stronger.  By Valentine's Day, the sun begins to heat up the car again. I've been AWOL for awhile, so may I wish you a Happy New Year, belatedly.  My desktop computer is on its last leg (a [...]

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22 09, 2012



No matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the signs of Fall are everywhere.  Birds migrating, animal behavior changing, day length shortening and light intensity weakening.  The temperatures are cooling, of course, and I read that there's even been a dusting of snow already in the far North. Today, we turn from days dominated by light to days dominated by darkness until next Spring.  Today is [...]

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26 08, 2012



I have an article due later this week on the subject of peanuts.  I'm looking forward to writing it, yet I haven't gotten the urge or the inspiration to get started.  The deadline will get me moving, I know, because I have a deep-seated need to fulfill my obligations to the best of my ability.  I still see my mother staring at me, arms crossed, with tapping [...]

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17 06, 2012

Weeds, Mossy Paths, and Bliss


Weeds.  Ugh.  And yet. Years ago, I went on a landscape tour to Richmond with the Landscape Designers Group to which I belong.  It was led by a designer who took us by his aunt's house.  She had the most glorious mossy pathways--thick and spongy--and I was moss-green with envy!  "I must have those paths!", I thought (vowed!).  This tour fell around the time I was first [...]

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15 05, 2012

Rain Days–Some Garden Potpourri


Lover of sunshine that I am, it sure was nice to get a couple of true rain days.  My little world here at Woodland Cottage is washed fresh and clean.  It's sparkling in the intermittent sunshine this morning after heavy rain overnight.  This is rain day #2.  I'm getting lots accomplished.  I realized yesterday that it was the first rain day we've had this long Spring that [...]

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10 01, 2012

Often, I Don’t See the Forest for the Trees


I work outside, in Nature, almost every day of my life, either in my own gardens, in Arlington or Wilmington, or in other's gardens.  Yet I miss so much of the beautiful detail because I am so caught up in the "doing" versus the "being".  I'll bet a lot of my landscaping co-horts can sympathize with this realization.  How many times have you gotten to June 1st and thought, [...]

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13 04, 2010

Appendicitis perforitis


No, it's obviously not the name of a plant...although I kind of tried to fashion it that way to fit it into this blog. "What's this got to do with gardening?" you say. I just got home from the hospital today after an appendectomy on Saturday. So I had three days in the hospital to do lots of reading, which leads to relaxing, which leads to thinking, which leads [...]

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