2 05, 2013

Spring 2013 Newletter


My Spring 2013 newsletter is now up on my website.  Enjoy! Here's my garden right now--full, glorious Spring.  The azaleas will be at peak this weekend.      

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14 02, 2013

Greetings from Wilmington, NC


Loropetalum beginning to bloom in our front yard After what always seems like an eternity (in other words, getting through January), I made it down here to Steve's in Wilmington.  I've been here a week and, already, I feel the relaxation and calm streaming into my body and the stress and tension slowly draining out.  The air is not all that much warmer down here--though I don't [...]

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26 08, 2012



I have an article due later this week on the subject of peanuts.  I'm looking forward to writing it, yet I haven't gotten the urge or the inspiration to get started.  The deadline will get me moving, I know, because I have a deep-seated need to fulfill my obligations to the best of my ability.  I still see my mother staring at me, arms crossed, with tapping [...]

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