The Waterfall at Woodland Cottage

his hillside at my house, Woodland Cottage, was shored-up by an old, railroad tie retaining wall and planted with pachysandra.  It screamed for a water feature (and I wanted one), so that’s what it got.  The visual stimulation, sound of the water and wildlife the water attracts all give me great joy and pleasure.

From Arlington Magazine:

"Turn the corner onto Jeff’s side yard, which slopes downward, and another pleasure awaits. There, a small pool of water, ringed with fieldstones, trickles into a thin stream. Step down a few stairs, and the stream widens into a waterfall, pouring over a fieldstone
edge into a larger pool below.

Down at the patio level, the accoustics are completely different—louder, rushing—but you’d never have known it standing on top, where the grade change and plantings absorb the sound. A patio table and chairs sit at the foot of the waterfall, where Jeff and his partner, Steve Grimsley, like to have meals and drinks with friends"....

Read the full article as a pdf

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